I Help You Find And Expand
Income Streams In Your Business

There’s easy income hiding in your business, right now. I can help you find and exploit it. I also happen to know over 59 ways to sell, market and distribute your products or services. Many of them you could start using today to double your revenues this year. It’s really a question of how fast you’re willing to go.

I’m Colin Chung, marketing consultant and copywriter. When we work together, my only goal is to help you find and expand income streams. To book a quick 15 minute appointment to see if we’re a right fit, call 1 (888) 317-9995.

What’s Your Biggest Need Right Now?

Higher Conversions

More Customers

Instant Sales

Whether you need a new sales letter… or you’re looking to get better results from one you’re already using, I can help you put together a scorching sales pitch in print. I write sales letters, postcards, auto-responder emails, landing pages, sales & video scripts.

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Got an ad/script and it’s not working so well?
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How many ways are you getting business right now? If you’ve relied on only two or three ways to advertise, and they’ve slowly stopped working… it’s time to expand the number of ways you get customers and clients. I know over 59 different ways to get people through the doors.

Let’s talk about your marketing:
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It’s hard getting customers in the door. In fact, it’s the hardest thing to do in business. So… how are you turning them into repeat buyers who spend more and more often with you? That’s just one of several “hidden sources” of income you may be overlooking. I’ve got more for you.

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What Kind of Results
Does Colin Get For His Clients?

  • Helped launched a book to #1 bestselling status in two categories on Amazon.com
  • With just 180 prospects, I helped a client sell over $100,000 worth of high-end mentoring programs in two months
  • One sales letter for a premium priced audio program converted at 7.5% when blasted to joint-venture partners…
  • With one small change… a tele-seminar squeeze page increased its opt-in rates by 349%
  • An intensive e-mail campaign, along with hard-hitting live seminars helped sell out a $2,499 class.
  • Multiple long-term strategies swelled one client’s subscriber base by 412%… all double opt-ins!
  • A new e-mail auto-responder series added an income stream where there wasn’t one before.
  • By “finessing the offer”, I helped a client find buyers willing to pay 5X the original price…
  • A sales letter for an exclusive, new service brought in $100,000 in just ten days
  • A ClickBank launch got 13.55% conversion rate on day one using a video and sales letter… with three squeeze pages all generating 50%+ opt-ins

What results can I get for you? Let’s talk: 1 (888) 317-9995

Who Has Worked With Colin?

I work with top marketers, publishers, coaches, speakers, and supplement companies like…

  • Raymond Aaron
  • Jay Abraham
  • Activation Products
  • Agora Financial
  • John Carlton
  • Mike Dillard (Elevation Group)
  • Arielle Ford
  • Glazer-Kennedy Inner Circle
  • Bill Heid (Solutions From Science)
  • Pam Hendrickson
  • Christina Hills
  • John Jonas (ReplaceMyself.Com)
  • Oren Klaff (NYT Bestselling Author)
  • Christine Kloser
  • Jay Kubassek
  • Mike Koenigs (Traffic Geyser)
  • Kristalytics
  • The League of Power
  • Dr. Alex Loyd (The Healing Codes)
  • Clifford Mee (Street Hypnosis)
  • Matt Morris (Success You Pub.)
  • Natural Health Dossier
  • NatureCity
  • Optimal Wellness Labs
  • Jim Punkre (Brainstorms)
  • Brian Tracy International
  • Bill Walsh (PowerTeam 360)
  • Zhealth Sports Performance

Let’s Get On The Phone To See If We Can Work Together Call: 1 (888) 317-9995