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From VSLs, webinars, direct mail, emails to product launches... our sales funnels have generated millions in revenue for our clients. We can sell.


Got copy that's not converting? We provide a detailed line-by-line analysis using our proprietary 37-point sales funnel checklist. We have ideas.


Wondering how to put the best offer together? Struggling with product creation? Deciding on which traffic channel to use first? We can help.

 Mandatory Self-Aggrandizing Bio

Mandatory Self-Aggrandizing Bio

Hey, I’m Colin. I’ve written, hired, trained, coached and copy-chief’d direct response copy for over a decade. In that time, I’ve worked with some of the biggest companies in our world including Agora Financial, Brian Tracy, Mike Koenigs, Reboot Marketing, GKIC, Dr. Al Sears, Nature City, Jim Kwik and Jay Abraham. I've also written copy for New York Times bestselling authors, a Hollywood producer, one of the Shark Tank guys, VC firms and countless branded personalities who have appeared on major media platforms like CNBC, Fox News, WSJ, Barron's, Oprah, People, Time and more. I can keep name-dropping, so allow me to continue: I’m also currently the primary teacher in John Carlton’s “Simple Writing System”, which means if you enroll in the course, you get me as your coach. On top of all that, I also run a team of copywriters in the health space. You can reach me at colin (at sign) colincopy (dot com). This wall of text with absolutely zero line breaks was brought to you by a free (and discontinued) Wordpress template and my utter inability to code, hack the PHP and to be completely honest... me not really caring if you read this or not. You're welcome. TL:DR - I'm kind of a big deal... but only to a hyper-specialized subsegment of a micro-niche of people. Otherwise, I'm just some guy writing clickbait, spam and infomercials on the internet. What? Am I writing a book? I mean, who isn't these days?

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"The copywriter is a translator, a bridge. Our job is to make the familiar unusual and to make the unusual familiar." - Jim Punkre

I mean, sure. But why?

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